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1. Key Features of vNew PDF to Image Converter are as follows:

Manual PDF to Image Conversion: -
          Manually convert PDF to Images just by pressing three buttons Settings (to set the output file formats), Select File or Folder (to select PDF files)
and Convert buttons. This will be very easy and useful for small level PDF file processing requirements.
More about Manual PDF to Image Conversion.

Automatic PDF to Image Conversion: -
          Automatically convert PDF files to images. The PDF tool will automatically converts all PDF files falling into the assigned folder(s) without any prompts.
The tool can run in the system background (silent) and the icon will be shown in the desktop toolbar. Tool can watch N number of folders simultaneously.
More about Automatic PDF to Image Conversion.

File Conversion Report :-
          Information about all files processed using this vNew PDF Converter tool will be available as report. The report provides information like Process Time,
Status (conversion was success or fail), Output File Format, Process Type (Manual or Auto) etc of each and every files processed by the tool. User can filter
the report using several search options like Date Interval, status(Success/Fail) etc and can export the report to HTML or XML file formats.
More about File Conversion Report.

Email Reporting :-
         The tool can send the Report Automatically to any configured email address at a configured time daily or weekly. User can configure Reporting
Time (say daily at 8o clock or every Saturday at 12o clock), Filter (send report about only Auto Conversion, success conversion etc) etc.
More about Email Reporting.

Settings :-
          User can configure the Process Settings using the Settings option in this PDF Converter. Output File Size, Format, Color,
Multi/Single Page(for TIFF files), Compression(LZW, CCIT etc), Output Folder Path etc can be configured using this option.
More About Settings.

Advanced Settings :-
          User can configure the advanced options as follows: Pages to convert (Convert only 1, 3, 4-7 pages of PDF file), Delete PDF files after successful
conversion, Move successfully converted PDF files into a specified folder, Move conversion failed (error) PDF files into a specified folder, Possible passwords
for Protected PDF files etc.
More About Advanced Settings.

Configure Possible Passwords:-
          Some possible passwords can save in the Advanced Settings section. Passwords can separate by comma and the PDF converter tool will try to
process a protected file using each of these passwords.
More About Configure Possible Passwords.

Help in each window:-
          Help link is available in each window of the tool. Say, user is in the Output Settings popup window, and he need to know more about how to set that window.
Then he can press on the 'help' link given top right corner of the window. 'help' link is as shown below.

 vNew PDF to Image Converter- Screenshot

2.Other Features are as follows:

Support image format,such as TIF/TIFF, PNG, JPG/JPEG,PNM, BMP, PCX and PSD
Support multi-page,Multi TIFF image files.
Support image compressions, such as LZW, CCITT G3, CCITT G4, RLE etc.

Support true color, grayscale and black/white image formats.
Support conversion of each pdf pages to seperate images, one pdf to single image and all pdf files to a single image.
Preserve original PDF document layout.

Easy to use interface.
Support password protected PDF files.
User can submit feedback/query to the vNew Support team using Feedback button option.
Useful for individual as well as business level file conversion requirements.

Can configure output image file size.
Can configure output folder path.
Can convert files from multiple folders simultaneously using Auto Conversion process.
Can delete successfully converted PDF files.

Can move successfully converted PDF files into another location.
Can move conversion failed(error occurred) PDF files into another location.

Can convert All/Even/Odd/Within a Range or Customized pages only. etc