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Advanced Settings
          Advanced Settings is available in the vNew PDF to TIFF Converter tool to configure the tool in a more advanced level.

Features in Advanced Settings window for Manual and Auto Process will be almost same. So the help givn below can be applicable for the
Settings of both Manual and Auto Processes.

To open the Advanced Settings window follow any of the two steps given below:

-Start the program. The Manual Conversion window will be opened(under the tab 'Converter').
-Press on the 'Settings' button.
-Press on the 'Advanced' tab in the popup window.
The window shown below will be displayed:

vNew PDF to TIFF Converter- Screenshot

-Press on the 'Auto Job' tab.
-Press on 'New Job' button.
-Press on 'Advanced Settings' button in the 'Create New Job' popup window.
-Press on the 'Advanced' tab in the popup settings window.

After that, follow the steps given below to proceed to configure settings:

1) Pages :-
          This is to set which pages of PDF file are needed to convert to image.
All Pages: This is the default page option that will convert all pages of PDF file.
Even Pages: Will convert even(2, 4, 6, etc) pages of PDF file.
Odd Pages: Will convert odd(1, 3, 5, 7 etc) pages of PDF file.
Page Range: Will convert pages within a range.
Custom Pages: Will convert custom pages of PDF file.
Eg: If you enter 2,5,7-11 as custom pages, the tool will convert 2,5,7,8,9,10 and 11 pages of PDF to image.

2) Delete PDF files after successful conversion:-
           Successfully converted PDF files will be deleted.

3) Move successfully converted PDF files into :-
         PDF Files will be moved to the specified folder location after the successful conversion.

4) Move conversion failed (error) PDF files into :-
         If the conversion is failed due to any reason, that failed PDF file will be moved to the specified folder location.

5) Possible passwords for Protected PDF files(Seperate by comma) :-
Tool will try to process a protected PDF file using each of these passwords. It will try to access any protected PDF file with each of the entered
(passwords are seperated by comma) passwords and will use the successfully accessed password to process that protected PDF file.

6) Keep data about processed files for last X days:-
This is to keep the data for Report for a specified time duration.
Keeping the date as a large value will affect the tool performance. Because the tool may handle(update/insert/filter etc) the saved report data
during the conversion process. The recommented value is 30(around 1 month). The tool will automatically remove the old data(before the entered value).
Enter '0'(zero) is not allowed.

7) Reset:-
Press on 'Reset' button to reset all values of Advanced Settings to the default values.