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Email Reporting
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The vNew PDF to TIFF Converter tool can send the Report Automatically to any configured email address at a configured time daily or weekly.
User can configure Reporting Time (say daily at 8o clock or every Saturday at 12o clock), Filter (send report about only Auto Conversion,
success conversion etc) etc.

Email Reporting will be common for all Manual and Auto Processes. So when you make a change in Email Reporting of Manual Process settings,
that changes will reflect in the Email Reporting for Auto Job Settings also. Because a user should only need to get send email of configured
report once from the tool and not from each process. An email report can contain information about Manual as well as Auto Process as per
the options selected in this Settings.

To open the Email Reporting window follow any of the two steps given below:

-Start the program. The Manual Conversion window will be opened(under the tab 'Converter').
-Press on the 'Settings' button.
-Press on the 'Email Reporting' tab.
The window shown below will be displayed:

vNew PDF to TIFF Converter- Screenshot

-Press on the 'Auto Job' tab.
-Press on 'New Job' button.
-Press on 'Output Settings' button in the 'Create New Job' popup window.
-Press on the 'Email Reporting' tab

After that, follow the steps given below to proceed to configure settings:

1) Activate this feature:-
          This is to Activate or Deactivate the Email Reporting Feature.
-Uncheck if you dont want to send the Email Report.

2) Send Report of:-
The Email Report will contain information about only the selected item.
You can select any of 'Manual and Auto Process', 'Manual Process' or 'Auto Process'

3) Send Time:-
          Report can send Daily or Weekly at a specified time.
-Tick on the Daily or Weekly option.
-If Weekly option is ticked, select the Week day(any from Monday to Sunday) from the list.
-Enter or select the Send Time.

4) Send Report About:-
            The Email Report will contain information about only the selected item.
Three items are listed to select as follows:
Succeeded and Failed Conversion
Succeeded Conversion
Failed Conversion
Select any one from the list.

5) Email Settings:-
The tool will use these setting to send the email.

From Email Address:
Enter the email address from which address should be the Email Report send.
Password of From Email: Enter the password of From Email Address.
SMTP Server Address: Enter the SMTP address of From Email Address.
Example : If From Email address is (i.e the domain is SMTP Server should be
To Email Address: Report will send to this email address. Seperate by comma for multiple Email addresses.

NB: The vNew PDF to TIFF Converter tool will be in a running status(normal or run as background) atleast at the configured Email Report
Send time to send this report. After tick the 'Activate this feature' the tool will start to wait to send the email report. When you are trying
to close the tool after activating this feature, the tool will start to run as background. i.e. the tool will run in the system background(silent)
and the icon will be shown in the desktop toolbar. This is needed to do the Email Reporting at the sepecified time.
If you to exit the tool: mouse right click at system tray tool icon and click on 'exit' button.

6) Format of Report File:-
Two type of format are available HTML or XML. Select any item.

7) Reset:-
Press on 'Reset' button to reset all values of Email Reporting to the default values.

8) Sample Email Template:-
Screenshot of sample Email Report Template with default settings will be as shown below:

vNew PDF to TIFF Converter- Screenshot

9) Sample Email Report Template:-
-A Report file(HTML or XML format) will be attached with the email.
Detail about the Report template is available at following link:
More About Report Templates