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Installation and Uninstallation
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1) Installation :-

The steps to install vNew PDF to TIFF Converter is given below:

1) Double click the install file and then the setup 'Welcome' window appears.

2)Click "Next" appears the 'Select Installation Folder' window, now you can select the programe installation directory or use default settings.

3)Click "Next" appears the 'Confirm Installation' window to indtall the vNew PDF to TIFF Converter ".

4)Click "Next" Installation will be started and after completing 'Installation Complete' window will be displayed.

5)Click "Close" the installation is over.

NB: -To run this application, Dot Net Framework plugin must be installed in your computer.
-If you are installing this software using the Setup File only(see details at the setup download page at
and you have no Dot Net Framework installed in your computer , internet connection must be available in your computer during the installation time
so that the setup will automatically download the Dot Net Frmaework from the authorised url.

2) Uninstallation :-
Open the Control Panel, double click Add/Remove Programs, and delete "vNew PDF to TIFF Converter" to remove the program.