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Output Settings
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Output Settings is used to configure the settings of output image files.

Features in Output Settings window for Manual and Auto Process will be almost same. So the help given below can be applicable for Settings of both
Manual and Auto Processes.

To open the Output Settings window follow any of the two steps given below:

-Start the program. The Manual Conversion window will be opened(under the tab 'Converter').
-Press on the 'Settings' button. The window shown below will be opened:

vNew PDF to TIFF Converter- Screenshot

-Press on the 'Auto Job' tab.
-Press on 'New Job' button.
-Press on 'Output Settings' button in the 'Create New Job' popup window.

After that, follow the steps given below to proceed to configure settings:

1) Size:-
          The software supports horizontal and vertical DPI(dots percent inch). A larger DPI value generates a higher quality image, but also will
make the size of the image file larger. On the other hand, a lower DPI value generates files of smaller size, but the image is also of lower quality.
The software supports from 72 to 500 DPI, default is 120 DPI.
Set the appropriate size.

2) Image:-
Format : You can convert to TIFF format only.

Color : Setting the color depths of an image, you can adjust the image's color depths as you like. Such as 1 bitcount(black/white), 4 bits or 8 bits
colors, 4 bits or 8 bits grayscale and 24 bits true colors, but not all formats support all color depths.

Save as grayscale format file : Select if you need the output as Grayscale format file.

3) TIFF:-
           If the selected Format in Image section is TIFF, this section will be enabled.
It supports the conversion of each pdf pages to seperate images, one pdf to single image and all pdf files to a single image.

Save each page as seperate TIFF file: Say, if there are  12 pages are included in a single PDF file. That PDF file will be converted to 12 seperate TIFF files.

Save each PDF file as multipage TIFF: Say, if there are three PDF files each have one or more pages. That three PDF files will be converted to
three seperate single or multi page TIFF files.

Save all PDF files as a single multipage TIFF: Say, if there are 24 PDF files in a folder each have one or more pages.
All these PDF files will be converted to a single multipage TIFF file.

NB: For the Output Settings of Automatic file conversion, the third item(Save all PDF files as a single multipage TIFF) will be invisible to make logic sensible.

4) Compression:-
            Only the TIFF format supports to set compression type, the software supports multifarious compression type, such as CCITT G3, CCITT G4, RLE,

5) Destination:-
          This is the path where the output image files will be saved.
-Select the destination directory.

6) Reset:-
Press on 'Reset' button to reset all values of Output Settings to the default values.