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Report File Templates
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Report Data can be exported in to two formates - HTML and XML.
The Report data file can be exported using Report window
OR you can configure the Email Reporting to get the report data file as email(template of both will be same).

1) HTML :-
Report data can export to the HTML format.
 You can see a sample HTML report here

2) XML :-
Report data can export to the XML format.
 You can see a sample XML report here

3) How to get XLS(Excel) Report file :-
You cannot export the report file in XLS formate directly from this version of tool. But you can convert the exported XML report file into XLS.
There are several methods are available to convert the XML to XLS and one simple method is given below:

a)Export the Report in XML format.
b)Open a blank XLS file using MS Office 2007(Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet (.xls))
c)Press on the 'Open' button in the main menu in the Excel sheet( or Clieck Ctrl+O in the key board)
d)Select and open the XML report file.
e)If a 'Open XML' popup window is displayed, select first item(As an XML table) from the popup window and Press 'OK' button.
f)If another popup window(contains 'The specified XML source does not refer to a schema....') is displayed, press on 'OK' button.
g)The report data in Excel sheet will be displayed. Save the Excel file.